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Pilates and Pints
  @ Ole Dallas Brewery

September 14 and 28 @ 6pm
$10 for a Pilates Mat/Barre Class and a Pint of Beer
New Barre Classes

@ The Yoga Room

3810 S. New Hope Rd, Gastonia
Tuesdays 7:15pm
Wednesdays 9am
​Thursdays 12:30pm

@ SEChiro:

6:00 Group Mat Pilates Class
7:00 CoreBarre

6:00 CoreBarre
7:00 Group Pilates Mat Class

5 Group Classes for $25
(New clients ONLY.  $65 value - you save $40.  **1 month expiration applies.  SEChiro location ONLY)


Private Session/Group Class COMBO Package
3 Private Sessions and 5 Group Classes
for $125

Perfect way to get ONE on ONE attention, learn proper technique, become familiar with basic principles of pilates, and feel confident moving into a group setting.

(NEW clients ONLY.  $165 value - you save $40.  **1 month expiration applies.  SEChiro location ONLY)

Instructor - Dru Parker

As a former science teacher, dancer, and cheerleader, I have always had a passion for science, art, and motion.  Upon discovering how Pilates, Barre, and mindful movment encompassed ALL of those things, I fell in love immediately.   I appreciate the science behind the exercises. I enjoy the beauty of the graceful, artistic movements.  I feel the strengthening effects of the mindful motion.  I LOVE PILATES! and I would love to share the benefits of PILATES with you!

I am certified in Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Postural Analysis and All Populations Mat through Pilates Academy International of New York.  My Barre certification is with Core Barre, a Smart Movment Certification created by Monica Hoekstra owner of ABsolute Pilates of Charlotte.