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Where body SCIENCE, ARTistic movement, and mindful MOTION
come together...
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Science, Art, and Motion?
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Group Class Schedule
6pm - Mat Pilates 

6pm - Mat Pilates
7pm - CoreBarre

Private Sessions

 Available by appointment Mon-Fri

Call/Text  704-616-4092 or
to schedule a private session
Spring Pilates and Pints
 @ Ole Dallas Brewery, 
Saturdays at NOON 

March 16
April 13
May 18
$10 for Class and a Beer

3 Group Classes for $20
(Small group Mat Pilates and CoreBarre)
(New clients ONLY.  $45 value - you save $25.  **1 month expiration applies.)


3 Private Sessions for $90
(One on one Pilates using reformer/tower wall unit/mat)
(New clients ONLY.  $150 value - you save $60.  **1 month expiration applies.)

Instructor/Teacher - Dru Parker

As a former science teacher, dancer, and cheerleader, I have always had a passion for SCIENCE ART and MOTION.  Upon discovering how Pilates, Barre, and mindful movment encompassed ALL of those things, I fell in love immediately.   I appreciate the SCIENCE behind the exercises. I enjoy the beauty of the graceful, ARTistic movements.  I feel the strengthening effects of the mindful MOTION.  I LOVE PILATES! and I would love to share the benefits of PILATES with you!

I have a passion for helping my students see the potential they have in their own body to stand taller, sit better, move more efficiently, and to live with less pain through mindful movement. I hope that each student leaves class feeling energized, refreshed, strong and confident. I truly believe that Pilates and Barre are perfect fitness choices for everyBODY.

In 2015, I became certified in Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Postural Analysis and All Populations Mat I with Pilates Academy International of New York.  In 2016, I received my Barre certification with Core Barre, a Smart Movment Certification created by Monica Hoekstra owner of ABsolute Pilates of Charlotte.  I have also completed CoreBarre workshops for Active Aging Adults, Pre/Post Natal, Core Mat and Floor Barre, and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).  In 2018, I began working on a "Classical Pilates" certification to learn the true Pilates method, teaching the way Joseph Pilates intended Pilates to be taught.